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District for Danske Bank

The project

The biggest impact you can have as a design consultant is to enable your client to deliver better and more customer centric services. At Danske Bank I was not asked to deliver a design for a specific product, but to help them build up the design culture, design team and design process in a digital product department. The ambition in the department was to deliver a financial platform that didn’t focus solely on the Danske Bank products but one that focused on connecting all the customer's financial services across banks, accounting systems, salary systems etc. This would enable the customer to save time, reduce errors and allow them to make even better decisions by giving them better knowledge and insights. This platform is called District and was released to customer in 2019. Over the course of 3 years we were successful in realising this bold product ambition and making the platform the core channel for all of Danske Bank's 300,000 business customers. As a consultant in Danske Bank my role shifted back and forth from being focused on the design of the experience to enabling the organisation to execute on these experiences. That meant working both with the internal design team to produce the design artefacts, while also working on a number of things like building and refining the design- and development process, working as a product owner and building a customer centric mindset in the organisation. The latter was done succesfully through sharing tangible design principles and clear insights about customer desires, behaviour and problems. As an organisation and design team we managed to create
  • A financial platform with a notification system, settings, profile and navigation
  • A large number of widgets on a dashboard giving overview of the customer’s finances across banks and financial services
  • A marketplace where the customers could enable new solutions and applications
  • A cash flow forecasting solution, that integrated with accounting and ERP data to give the customers insights into their finances in the future
  • A way of managing connections and consents to solutions outside Danske Bank
  • A design system to enable to organisation to quickly design and roll out new digital services
  • An internal developer and designer portal

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Building a platform and not a channel
District is not designed as a channel for Danske Bank service. It is an interface to an ecosystem of services coming together to solve all financial needs of the businesses that they serve.This changes the relationship between the bank and its customers and seeks to position Danske Bank as a partner instead of a utility provider